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A Different Type of Customer

OneLife's technology has been designed, from the ground up, for an aging market. Our typical user is 50+ years old, and suffers from a medical or aging related health issue that would benefit from being monitored by their health care provider and/or family member.

Simple, uncomplicated, technology allows the user to go untethered anywhere in the world where there is a cell phone signal knowing they are always connected to the people helping to manage their healthcare issues...

OneLife Products

Active Seniors

A complete mobile healthcare solution that can be implemented and fully functional anywhere in the world with a cell phone signal!

Products for the Mobile Medicine Market

  • A medical grade wearable designed specifically for the health market and a specific type of user.
  • A mobile health kit designed to take more advanced vitals readings.
  • Artificial intelligence that will not only be the user’s personal healthcare consultant, but will be on guard to detect developing health issues on a global scale.
  • A personal health data account for each user that centralizes a user’s health records.
  • An application management system that can link all this technology together for use by a health care institution.
  • From the United States, to the United Kingdom, to China . . . You’re free to pursue your passions anywhere in the world, secure in the knowledge that OneLife keeps you connected to your health care providers and family.
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OnePulse is a wearable designed for the health and medical markets as its feature set is aimed squarely at users (or the health care providers or family members of users) who want or need to track aspects of their physical health (heart rate, activity, sleep patterns, location). The first medical-grade wearable created with a SIM card inside, OnePulse is always connected. Whether the user is in their home, out to dinner at a restaurant, or halfway around the globe, their lifeline to those who care about them is always in place and their lifestyle is uninterrupted.

Absolutely no phone is necessary for a user to enjoy the full suite of benefits and 24/7 care of OnePulse.

OnePulse Wearable from OneLife
The OneLife Tricorder

The Tricorder captures blood pressure, heart rate, ECG/EKG, SpO2, CO2, and temperature. It comes with a Bluetooth connection that makes communication with OnePulse automatic and easy.

The Tricorder

A physician requires a standard set of ‘vitals’ information from a patient. Because the current state of technology is not sufficient to allow this to be achieved with a wearable, OneLife has created the Tricorder to partner with OnePulse.

Delivering medical-grade information, the Tricorder captures blood pressure, heart rate, ECG/EKG, SpO2, CO2, and temperature. Designed for mobility, the Tricorder takes the place of current hospital machines with an aggregate value between $4,000 to $8,000 for a fraction of the cost and provides needed portability and simplicity. Finally, the Tricorder comes with a Bluetooth connection that makes communication with OnePulse automatic and easy.

Because of the small size and portability of the Tricorder, this technology can be sent home with a patient or given to rural towns and villages where no permanent health care facility can be maintained.

OneLife Services

Data Collection by OneLife

Data Collection for Institutional Use

The company offers a suite of proprietary health/medical software and data collection technologies that offer an open API (Application Program Interface) for easy data communication with existing health/medical data base collection systems.

Personalized Analytics for Individuals

The technology also provides the individual user with their own personal and comprehensive health data account. Data is collected 24/7 via the Company's proprietary standalone wearable health device. The technology then utilizes artificial intelligence which provides suggestions to the user for health and lifestyle improvement and predictions as to potential health issues. Features also include the latest in fall-detection and geo-location tracking technologies.

Personalized Health Analytics by OneLife