OneLife Technologies Corp. Signs Exclusive Technology Deal with E2 Performance

Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Feb. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OneLife Technologies Corp. (“OneLife” or the “Company”) (OTC PINK: OLMM), a mobile medical data and technologies company, is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with E2 Performance Inc. (“E2”) granting the Company the exclusive rights to utilize E2’s patent pending technologies in the medical and aging markets in any territory, in any market, and for any use.

E2 develops and provides technology products for professional and amateur athletes. E2’s patent pending technologies have been proven to increase sports performance and help to improve overall well-being, balance, strength, flexibility and endurance. E2 technology has also been shown to assist people who suffer from sleep deprivation. OneLife anticipates incorporating E2 technologies into future models of OneLife wearable medical tracking devices and provide an upgrade option for current OneLife devices.

In addition to many positive consumer reviews, E2 performance technologies have also been examined and tested extensively in several scientifically conducted studies which have proven their effectiveness. In a commissioned study conducted by a PhD at Robert Morris University with 174 US Steel assembly line worker subjects it was found that 75% of the participants significantly improved their grip strength by 2-8.8 pounds and that 95% improved their range of motion by a minimum of 15 degrees. In a double-blind study (with placebo) also conducted at Robert Morris University with 480 subjects, the results conclusively showed that E2 tech users had greater relative strength, flexibility and balance than without. Another study conducted by E2 regarding chronic lower back pain sufferers found that 87.5% experienced tremendous relief with E2 technology.

Robert J. Wagner, CEO of OneLife, commented, “Pairing E2 performance technologies with our suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade tracking technologies will be a winning combination for our patient customers and their families. Made possible by securing the global exclusive rights to use E2 tech, we are confident this unique performance feature will appeal to many current and new potential customers and will provide us a significant competitive advantage as we expand our sales and marketing efforts.”

The Company anticipates the first E2 Performance enhanced OneLife products will be available to consumers in early Spring 2018.

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