OneLife Technologies Corp. Provides Corporate Update, Prepares Launch into Global Healthcare Sector

Rolling Meadows, Illinois – August 23, 2018 – OneLife Technologies Corp. (“OneLife”, the “Company”) (OTC Pink: OLMM), a mobile medical data and technologies company, today provides a corporate update including information on the forthcoming launch of its mobile medical health technology platform. 

OneLife Technologies Corp. is a mobile medical software/data collection company with a suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade tracking technologies designed to provide patients, physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals with real-time centralized, personal, comprehensive health data and monitoring.  The system and devices will be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (“HIPAA”) compliant and utilize an open application programming interface (“API”) for easy data communication and integration to any existing system.

“Over the past few months, as we have continued to develop and update our wearable health hardware products, we realized that the need for accurate, constant and consistent monitoring of a person’s medical conditions has never been in greater demand than it is today, as we are witnessing a paradigm shift from hospitals as a destination to a Hub-of-Care,” stated Robert J. Wagner, CEO of OneLife.

“The time an individual spends in the hospital continues to decrease, while rehabilitation time at home increases.  This is the very reason why it has been so important for OneLife to focus on a product platform whose underlying technologies decreased the cost of these monitoring devices, decreased the cost of data connectivity and increased battery life,” added Wagner. 

The Company’s suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade wearable tracking technologies was developed to provide users (typically, 55+ years old and suffering from a medical condition) with constant 24/7 monitoring by their physician and loved ones.  OneLife’ s fully-functional medical grade wearable device is specifically designed for the healthcare market and priced for maximum affordability and cost-effectiveness.  OneLife system upgrades also include a mobile health kit designed to take more advanced vitals readings.

“As we near the market introduction of our new mobile medical technologies platform, we are confident that we will offer a suite of medical technologies that will bring healthcare to a population, rather than a population to healthcare,” stated Wagner. 

OneLife’ s portfolio of medical/health software and data collection technologies are supported through a personal health data account that can centralize a user’s health records and an application management system that link the technology at the hospital/physician level.  Proprietary artificial intelligence software also acts as a personal healthcare consultant to detect developing health issues.



According to recent studies and information posted by statistics portal Statista, the health and medical industry have been named as one of the top three fields to accelerate the growth of mobile devices.  Mobile health, or mHealth, has the ability to improve the overall healthcare system by improving efficiency, communication, costs, and quality of healthcare services.

The study states that as smartphone ownership and use becomes more widespread, the mHealth market has grown and developed.  Using digital forms for consumer communication with healthcare professionals is becoming more common and is often considered a more convenient means of contact.  Mobile health services are able to provide programs for chronic conditions, remote monitoring, patient data, electronic records, e-prescriptions, and also include fitness and wellness applications. Using mobile devices to monitor health and data of patients can be especially convenient.  Such use would not only help to improve the quality of care and health of patients but could also save millions of dollars a year in avoidable healthcare costs, for example by simply helping to improve poor medication habits.

The mobile health industry is expected to continue to grow in the coming years and is predicted to reach a total market size of almost $60 billion dollars by 2020.  Uses of mHealth will grow and change as health trends and concerns fluctuate in coming years.



OneLife Technologies Corp. is a mobile medical software/data collection company with a suite of proprietary, patented, medical grade wearable tracking technologies designed to provide patients, physicians, nursing homes, and hospitals with 24/7 real-time centralized, personal, comprehensive health data.  For additional information, visit

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